Our Plantation

Located In The Highland Regions Of Kintamani, 1200M Above Sea Level, Our Coffee Trees Grow On Fertile Land Sandwiched Between The Volcanic Mountains Of Mt. Agung And Mt. Batukara. A Small Farm Of Xxxxx Hectares, Its Annual Output Is X Tonnes, Comprising 80% Robusta And 20% Arabica Beans

Coffee, the way you want it.

Our Cafe

Changi Village has been favoured by cyclists’ as a destination for a quick pitstop, before continuing around the island, or to feast on hawker delights. We have fond memories of gathering and meeting fellow avid cyclists and bicycle collectors.

When we decided to start our Ciclo journey, we couldn’t have wanted our homebase to be anywhere else. This location, while always being full of life, bustling with a myriad of activities, is balanced out with an element of “kampung life’’; when times were simpler and at a slower pace, when people speak to one another and knew everyone's name. Being present in the moment, making time to build meaningful connections, is what we aim to achieve here.

Our Coffee

At Ciclo e Caffè, we have our signature Dark Roast, 100% Colombian beans, offering a bold, full-bodied flavour of coffee. The way we believe an espresso should be.

The beans are roasted to this profile to give us a taste of being in a cafe on the streets of Italy, transporting us back to fond memories of our favourite cafe.

We have a coffee roaster in the cafe where we roast sample profiles to experiment and try exploring different flavours from beans of different origins.


Improving farming practices through educational collaborations to boost farmers' expertise and maintaining a direct relationship, will benefit the environment in the long run.

Meaningful Partnerships

Ethically sourced beans improves livelihood of farmers, increases productivity for long-term sustainability.

Our Roasts

Enjoy our signature Dark Roast beans brewed to your preferred drink.

We offer a Medium Roast for a milder & fruitier experience, and a Seasonal Blend occasionally.

Do check with us in store to find out more!

Coffee The Way You Like It