Serving coffee the way you want it...

We believe there is no right or wrong way to enjoy coffee; everyone has their own unique preferences, which makes your way, the right way. We understand and we serve it as you like.

Ciclo e Caffe was started out of a love for coffee, and a love for vintage steel. A dad reminiscing about his childhood bicycle, while nostalgically holding his warm coffee mug- the catalyst that sparked the start of our Ciclo journey.

Reflecting Back

2020 came along with many changes. A positive change was the rise in home-businesses, where people spent time and effort to hone their favourite recipes. This brought the standard for preparing and appreciating quality food and drinks up a notch. We were piqued seeing many new cafes spring up, as the love for specialty coffee progressively grew too.

We missed the familiar aroma from our growing days, the inspiring flavours savoured in our travels, were we able to recreate these experiences?

Cycling, both as a form of leisure exercise or competitive sport, grew in tandem. This popularity spurred increasing differences and segregation amongst different cycling disciplines, splitting leisure and competitive riders. Whether one rides a mountain bike, foldable, road bike or vintage steel, further differentiated the cyclist.

Was there ever a way to bring everyone together for the pure love of cycling? We wondered...

Our Shared Home: Ciclo E Caffè

Cast all weariness aside, unwind, ease up and just be yourself. A place where it’s cosy and warm, with friendly chatter and laughter abound, yet seclusive enough when solitude is seeked. A place where one is remembered, where we come as strangers, but part as friends.

Coffee, Served The Way You Want

To be a retreat where everyone can commune, exchange banter, share stories, while indulging over coffee and sweet treats. “Coffee, served the way you want”, serves as our ethos. There is no right way or wrong way to enjoy coffee. The way you like it, makes it the right way.

Our Vision

To care about what matters; People and our Environment. No matter where Ciclo e Caffe is located, the philosophy remains the same: An Inclusive Community That Cares-Where Integrity And Camaraderie Reigns Supreme.

No matter what bicycle you ride, let us come together for the pure love of cycling. Join our future riding events, to make a difference and ride with a purpose!