Humble Beginnings

It all began with the simple wish to give a dad his childhood bicycle. The one that got away, but never forgotten. Hunting down this specific frame proved a challenge, as it wasn’t a popular brand commonly maintained through the decades. This process ignited a passion, learning about the evolution of bicycles throughout history deepened an appreciation for the thought processes that went into engineering the mechanics and workmanship of each component.

One bicycle led to another, and here we are today. Every unique frame, passed down generations amongst friends and family, is one of a kind and has a story to tell. It is our privilege to be temporary caretakers of some historic pieces in our collection. We decided to incorporate a museum element to the cafe, adorning the walls with vintage steel, filling glass cabinets with cycling memorabilia from past cycling legends. This collection continues to grow, as more people in the community come forward to donate personal artefacts and prized medals from past glory days.

I. Cycling services
Cycling Services

“Cycling Was A Family Activity For Us. We Love The Sense Of Freedom, The Adrenaline Rush That Comes With The Speed And Feeling The Wind Embracing Us”

II. Healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Cycling. One Of The Best Forms Of Low-Impact Aerobic Exercises, Suitable For All Regardless Of Age. A Sport Where The Whole Family Across Generations Can Participate Together, Staying Active And Exploring New Destinations. For The Individual, It’s About Discipline. The Pain Endured While Pushing Personal Limits And The Joys Of Conquest When Breaking Boundaries.

II. Caring for fellow cyclists

Helping one another

Situations have arise when we get a punctured tire in need of replacement, or being caught in the rain in the middle of nowhere. We would like to create a platform for cyclists to reach out for help in times of need, and to give back by lending a helping hand.

Our Cycling Philosophy

The rides around the world that join the cycling communities in countries. Cycling forges and strengthens friendships that become families. It does not matter the type of bicycles; we love vintage steel, another loves foldable bicycles and others carbon types. It is about cycling bringing people together as one.

Lest we forget the community, camaraderie and friendships forged between riders lasts forever. Most of all, is that each bicycle has its own story: some wonderful, some sad, but altogether worth telling.

All handcrafted by a master frame builder. Holding this all together are not just steel rivets and joints, but a committed dedication, skilled craftsmanship, patience and a profound passion for beauty and to build something that will be appreciated for generations to come.

V. Youth Support A
Youth Support B